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YAPS is proud to work with the City of Yucaipa to help its citizens with the costs associated with altering their pets. 

Annually, the City of Yucaipa provides $10,000 worth of funding which is directly distributed to the community in the form of vouchers to help offset the cost of spaying or neutering their pets. The funding is dispersed to YAPS at the beginning of the City's fiscal year and the program continues until it is exhausted.  Please call into the YAPS office for details.

Vouchers are issued in the following amounts:

$25 for a male cat castration

$50 for a female cat spay

$50 for a male dog neuter or female dog spay, with an additional $10 allotted for those that need a rabies vaccine.

To receive a voucher:

  • You must be a resident of the City of Yucaipa
  • Present proof of residency in the form of a utility (gas, electric, water) bill 
  • Rent or Mortgage Receipt
  • A valid photo identification card like a drivers license or state identification card
  • Have an appointment set with a participating veterinarian within 30 days of the date that you are coming to get the voucher.
  • Please note: The voucher does expire in 30 days from the date of issue. 
The following veterinarian offices accept our vouchers. You will need to call them for pricing info:


San Bernardino Humane Society  909-386-1400

Yucaipa Animal Hospital  909-794-3118

East Valley Pet Hospital  909-794-1888

Calimesa Veterinary Clinic  909-795-0030

Adobe Veterinary Clinic  909-794-6773

Green Valley Veterinary Clinic  909-790-2963

Banning Veterinary Hospital  951-849-3864

Sunnymead Veterinary Clinic  951-242-4056

Highland Village Pet Hospital  909-864-7387


Call for voucher availability.

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