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Meet David Scott:

David is a Canine Behaviorist who corrects and rehabilitates such issues as aggression, fear, anxiety, insecurity, separation, chewing, excessive barking, jumping, domination, biting humans or other dogs and much more.  He has been training dogs since 1975. Techniques used are based on being calm, firm and assertive. David has extensive experience with behavioral issues that arise from dogs that have been rescued, adopted or just confused from human owners not communicating correctly. He believes that all dogs are the same, meaning that the brain does not change and that it is the humans that are in need of training on how to communicate and  understand their dog from a dog"s point of view.

YAPS is offering a group dog training class with behaviorist David Scott of Big Bear Canine School. You will learn and participate in how to socialize a dog properly at a dog park. Also learn how to read your dog's body language. Dogs communication by both human and dog body language rather than voice. This class is open to the public on Sunday's from 11:00am - 12:00pm for $15.00 per dog.

Please visit www.bigbearcanineschool.com or call David Scott at 760-898-2891 for more information.


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