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Throughout the year YAPS is frequently contacted about injured or orphaned wildlife. Unfortunately at this time we do not have the resources to deal with wildlife, and are limited to caring for domestic animals. For wild animals in the Yucaipa, Calimesa, and Redlands areas we ask that you contact the people below who are certified wildlife rehabilitators with the department of Fish and Game. They are trained to handle wildlife and their specific needs, so that they can get the medical attention and care needed then be returned to the wild.

Please see the list below for folks in the area who can assist orphaned or injured wildlife: 

Kandie Cansler (909) 790-1010

Linda Chalk (909) 887-8267

Penny (909) 794-1871

Unfortunately YAPS cannot accept stray animals. Our goal as a private, nonprofit, rescue group is to give the lost animal every opportunity to be returned home before we step in to re-home them. Stray and abandoned animals are handled by your local animal control agency allowing owners the opportunity to reunite with their lost pets. Animals turned into our facility as strays will be given to San Bernardino County Animal Control at the end of the business day.

What to do if you lost a pet

  1. Search your property and neighborhood thoroughly. Do not be afraid to ask fellow neighbors if they have seen the pet.
  2. Create a flyer with the pets picture and a written description including important information like breed, color of collar, sex, and any other distinguishing marks or information. Don't forget to include a number that people can contact you if they find or see your pet.
  3. Post or pass out the flyers within your neighborhood and at the local veterinary offices.
  4. Visit all local animal control agencies, humane societies, and animal shelters in your area as well as those in neighboring counties or cities if applicable. Leave a a flyer of your lost pet at every location. Remember many lost pets go unclaimed because their owners thought it was too much trouble to come to the Animal Shelter and look for them.
What to do if you found a pet
  1. Search the neighborhood that the pet was found and ask people within the area if they know or recognize the pet.
  2. If you cannot keep the pet, call animal control for the area in which live, if you live in the City of Yucaipa is 1-800-472-5609, to come and get the pet.
  3. If you can keep the pet, take the pet to a veterinarian or local animal shelter to have them scan it for a microchip which could help reunite it with its owner. If there is a chip they will be able to retrieve the owner's information and contact them.
  4. If no microchip is found create a flyer with the pets picture and a written description. Don't forget to include a number that people can contact you if they identify the pet as possibly being their own.
  5. Post the flyers in the neighborhood that the pet was found as well as post them at local veterinary clinics, animal control agencies and other animal shelters.
  6. Call the local newspapers and place a found ad. Most of the time time their is no fee for this service, but it could help reunite the pet with its person.

Shelters in the area:

San Bernardino County Animal Control-Devore
Includes the cities of Crestline, Lake Arrowhead, Highland, Rialto, Running Springs, Yucaipa & the unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County
19777 Shelter Way, Devore, CA

Riverside City/County Animal Services

5950 Wilderness, Riverside, CA

Redlands Animal Control

504 North Kansas, Redlands, CA

City of San Bernardino Animal Control

Includes the cities Colton, Fontana, and Loma Linda
333 Chandler Place, San Bernardino, CA
909-350-6565 (Fontana Licensing)


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