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Our Mission & History

Our Mission:

Yucaipa Valley Animal Placement Society is a no kill, non-profit animal shelter that strives to prevent euthanasia of dogs and cats in shelters throughout the region by providing them a temporary safe haven until a permanent loving home can be found.


The History of Yucaipa Animal Placement Society

In 1957, Yucaipa Animal Placement Society (YAPS) was born when one woman, Betty Martines, rescued a dog that was dumped just off California Street in Yucaipa. YAPS was born out of Betty’s concern for stray dogs and her desire to save these pets from certain death. Her goal was to place them into loving homes, therefore a vision for a “no kill” shelter was born.

YAPS incorporated in 1973, a 501C-3 non-profit organization, with the help and support of Betty’s husband, Jim. YAPS became a family affair and also became a focal point for the Yucaipa community. 60 years later, YAPS carries on Betty's lifesaving mission and that one dog was just the first of thousands to be saved. Betty was a rescue warrior and a true rescue pioneer.

Jim and Betty worked tirelessly to find a donated piece of property or at least one where they could afford to build a no-kill facility. They had a successful meeting with the County of San Bernardino, who generously agreed to lease three acres of land on 13th Street for a dollar a year to YAPS. Since incorporation, the City of Yucaipa has continued with the original agreement.

A generous endowment from Grace Calkins, a dear friend of Betty and Jim and an avid animal lover, was used to break ground for a no-kill rescue facility on September 29,1983, at the current location on 13th Street in Yucaipa.  

Under the fourteen years of direction from Betty, thousands of cats and dogs were saved and placed into loving homes.  Betty worked tirelessly coordinating rummage and bake sales, anything that could raise money for the facility until the death of Jim in 1991. For several years after Jim’s death, Betty struggled with running the facility because her heart was broken. 

Since then the shelter has had several directors all who have made a lasting impression on the YAPS facility. The current Executive Director, Annette Florez, joined YAPS in 2015. She has focused on developing relationships with local municipal shelters and fellow rescues, renovating the infrastructure as well as the YAPS grounds and facility. It truly a passion and privilege to help and serve the pets at YAPS.

A summation of YAPS Accomplishments

  • 2002 Excellence in Education Award from the San Bernardino Board of Education was presented to YAPS for working with the children in the community.
  • Authored and implemented the Emergency Horse and Livestock Program with the City of Yucaipa and County of San Bernardino.
  • Lobbied and obtained AB60 to allow pets into mobile home parks.
  • Authored ordinance 212 making our streets safer for our community.
  • Authored and implemented the City of Yucaipa's First Spay and Neuter Program.
  • Created and implemented solutions for our community and surrounding area's to co-exist with our wildlife with our Wildlife Corridor Program endorsed by the Cities of Calimesa, Yucaipa and the County of San Bernardino.
  • 2005 Commendation by the City of Yucaipa for community and humanitarian service for the work at the YAPS facility.
  • 2010 Women of Distinction Award to Executor Director for the 63rd assembly district.
  • 2010 Citizen of the year for the City of Yucaipa presented to former Executive Director, Nicole Laffey.
  • 2012 Woman of the Year for the 65th assembly district by Assemblyman Paul Cook.
  • 2017 YAPS Board President awarded Yucaipa Citizen of the Year.  
  • 2018 The Inland Empire's first cage free cattery opened at the YAPS Facility.
  • 2021 American Red Cross Disaster Hero of Year awarded to Ginger Bryk, Operations Manager at YAPS.

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