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Tails of Success

This is Kathy from the News Mirror. I am so excited to send you pictures of our Scooter!! He has been the best dog ever!!! In fact he is almost human!!  We searched all of the local shelters, some of them more than once. Then we found the perfect one, he and my son just clicked!! He was one of 4 puppies and a mom that were at YAPS. The staff had named him Scooter. My son liked that name so we kept his name. He was not old enough to be adopted yet but we were told that we could come and visit him when we had the chance (and we did) We couldn’t wait to bring him home!! When we finally got to bring him home we all immediately bonded. He has been a part of the family ever since. My son has since moved out of the house to be on his own but Scooter remains at home. He has been the best companion and friend.

We learned early that he had one favorite toy, it was a squirrel. When I say his favorite I mean absolute favorite. He will play with other toys, he will play catch forever, but his go to toy is always the squirrel. When it is bedtime he will even pick up his squirrel and take it with him. He even learned the difference between an old white sock and a new sock. We would tie a knot in the old white ones and play tug-of-war with him. He actually never chewed up any other socks. He is very smart. Even though he is older he is still learning new tricks. We put the a cookie monster alarm sound on my phone and it goes off every evening at 8:00pm to alert him and us that it is his cookie time. He gets 6 mini dog bones. If for some reason I have turned off the alarm he won’t let us forget either.

When we adopted Scooter, YAPS didn’t know his exactly birth date, but figured it to be early July so we gave him the birth date of July 4th! We thought we could celebrate his birthday with fireworks every year! This year he will be turning 14 and even though he has a little limp and gets tired more easily he is still the same sweet loving puppy we adopted from YAPS 14 years ago. He has been the BEST addition to our family that we could have ever hoped for! We have told anyone that is looking to adopt a pet to definitely go and check out YAPS!

Thank you for everything you do!

-Kathy Shepard

I just thought you would like to know that Snoopy has adjusted well to his new home.  He seems to be pretty happy with us and we couldn't be happier with him, minor "accidents" included.

My step-mom fell and broke her hip two months ago and it has been decided she should move back east to a home closer to her daughter.  This has left my dad alone without anyone to care for, or care for him.   So, Snoopy and I have both moved in to my dad's house and he spends about 70% of his waking hours in my dad's lap.  The rest of the time he loyally follows my dad around or sleeps under his bed at night (Snoopy's choice).

It was clear to me the day I adopted Snoopy that many of you were almost sad he was leaving, that you had grown quite attached to him, and that he has had a rough go of things.  I thought you would like to know he is doing well.  He shook a lot for a few days, and was very suspicious of his new situation, but now his tail is riding high and pounces in circles when one of us comes back after an absence.

Thank you so much!

With gratitude,

John and Jack (dad)

"I just wanted to say thank you. I adopted Roxy on October 31st. She's such an amazing dog and so cuddly and lovable. Everyone loves how sweet she is. As soon as I laid my eyes on her I knew she was the one. I take her everywhere with me. She loves other dogs! And she loves when I grab her leash to take her somewhere, she goes crazy. I love her so much and I couldn't have asked for a better dog." -Thalia 



We adopted a long-haired Chihuahua named Daniella a couple of months ago at YAPS. My husband and I have completely fallen in love with her, she has blended in so wonderfully with our family (we also have another little dog).  She stole my heart the moment I picked her up, I actually feel like she chose me! She is so grateful to have a family that loves her. We could not imagine our family without her. Thank you all so much for your help:)

Ysis Mercado

This happy tail is special for the staff at YAPS because Ben is a very special dog. Ben the Cocker Spaniel was a badly neglected owner turn in. He had an ear infection so terrible that he was constantly dizzy and in pain. All of the effort of medication could not cure him. His only chance at a normal life was an expensive surgery to remove both of his ear canals. YAPS raised the $2,000 to get this life saving surgery, and then began the search for the right home for this now healthy, but hearing impaired four-legged friend.

            Ben found his forever home in December of 2011. In the summer of 2013, Ben and his new owners paid the YAPS booth a visit at the Homeward Bound event. He is indeed a lucky and grateful dog. He loves his new family and never lets them out of his sight. A special thank you to anyone who contributed to the surgery fund.

Cara was rescued by YAPS from a municipal shelter early in 2012. This happy Dachshund was a friend to all who met her, two and four-legged. When it came time to have her spayed it was discovered that she suffered from a diaphragmatic hernia, a condition in which a majority of her internal organs were residing up in her chest cavity. This condition led to one of her lungs collapsing, causing her to labor with every breath. YAPS worked to get Cara the necessary surgery to correct her condition and soon she had recovered from her operation and was awaiting adoption. Cara found her forever home with as the only tail wagging companion of a woman who loves and adores her.   


Look at Samee now! We got her 7 years ago from YAPS. She is just a wonderful dog. We spoil her rotten. She thinks she owns the house and we are just allowed to live here.


Hopefully the pictures come through. We adopted her at the Chamber of Commerce event in Redlands on 5/30 and she is dong very well. We have changed her name to Gigi.


I adopted Chloe from YAPS 3 at the end of May. She is the sweetest, most loveable, & intelligent dog ever. Adopting her was the best decision ever.

Hi Everybody, Just a quick update and a few pictures of how Sprout is doing! He is fitting in perfectly with the family. He is starting to come out of his shy mode and eating better. We have been taking advantage of the warm weather and going for long beach walks. He loves sleeping in bed with everyone and can now jump up easily to the bed and couch. He is building muscle tone and looking good!

Thank you so much for making him accessable to me and my doggie family! We are in love with him!

Take care and continue on with your wonderful work!

Leslie, Orbit, LuLu and Sprout!

Doris Day, now Kelly, came to visit with her new owner Jinny. Straight from the groomers, they came by to show off her new hairdo. Jinny absolutely loves Kelly, she states that she is the best of dogs.

We adopted Gracie a couple months back. She is so adorable, we are very much in love with her & wanted to share some pictures with you guys — thanks!

Love, the Padillas

We named Tramp Sir Winston....Winston for short! He is getting use to us! We showed him around the house and the back yard. He LOVES his toys! They are rope toys. My husband throws it and he gets it and takes it into the bedroom where he slept! Thank you so much! I think he will be fine in his new home!

Thanks, Beth and John

PS we will send pictures when he gets hair too!

Here's the new guy ! Boy am I in love with him !!!! I have never met a sweeter soul, he literally brought me to tears this morning because I could not get over how sweet and affectionate he is ! He was a bit quiet in the shelter, but he did greet me when I came in like he was expecting me. He is going to be perfect for our household, and already affectionate with my parents too. He made himself right at home when I let him out of his carrier, then purred and made biscuits everywhere and on me too and laid in the middle of the floor to stretch out in contentment ! He was not quite like in the picture as my first impression, he was lighter in color and fur not as lustrous as it looked or will be. A little raw food will change that in time !! I will continue to tempt him with the wide array of foods I have on hand ! My Kobe and Chloe want to know why I am opening all their delicious stash and not letting them have any ! Kobe also paws lightly and briefly at his door as if to say knock knock !!?!

All three got a good look at each other when I was going through the door, but no hissing or stress, I know they will be best pals already. So far, Cosmos wants to play with the squeak mice and peacock feathers, and seems to feel good otherwise which makes me feel confident he's feeling fine. All I know about his past it that he was found in the San Bernardino/Riverside area and surrendered to their shelter pretty matted and unaltered. He was not neutered until five months ago when he arrived at YAPS so his head is really large since he's about two now. Right when we met he let me look at his teeth and paws and brush him with incredible patience, and he definetly is not a biter like my other two pip squeaks ! Now when I groom Cosmos he just purrrs, wants to play with the comb and head bonks me right in the forehead, so he is coming out of his shell more already and definetly seems to know he's home finally ! I take the head bonk as a huge compliment because it means he recognizes me as a family member, I always wanted a cat that does that ! He likes to cuddle with me when I sleep, and jumps up on the bed when I call him. This made me sad and also laugh a little to know he was in with the adult cat side but the other cats were bullying him, so they put him in with the kittens and he didn't mind playing with them and liked their food better anyhow ! He even jumped out of my arms to get one more bite of kibble before we left! He was good as gold the whole ride home and just wanted me to scratch his chin and rub his head, then he'd poke his big white paws out of the cage as a headrest so he could watch me drive. At my first gas stop, he seemed concerned I was not coming back, but he understood me when I told him I would come right back and relaxed a bunch. After my seventeen hour day and finding my own way despite going against my maps directions, not to mention a few accidental detours half way to Hearst Castle with a lovely mountain top view of the Pacific, and also an oops to downtown LA and missing an exit too ! Despite all that, I made it home at midnight on the dot with my new friend Cosmos to find my Dad substituted regular dish soap in the dishwasher and flooded the kitchen with a nice bubbly swamp !! What a long and interesting day with a very clean finish, Ha ! Anyhow, Cosmos is definitely his name as I suspected, and not sure what force pulled us together but feel so happy we found each other! I guess the best way to describe it was as a Cosmic experience!!!! Enjoy the photos attached with one of his amazing caregivers Laurie! Now for a few more Zzzzz's & catnaps to recover !
~ Vanessa =^._.^=

We adopted Hoss about 8 weeks ago or so, and we couldn't be happier! He is a such a wonderful friend to have around the house, it makes coming home from work that much more satisfying! We've taken him out more than a few times, and people are amazed that such a well behaved and beautiful dog was a shelter dog. Honestly, we couldn't have picked a better match than Hoss. Thank you so much for giving us such an awesome friend!

Thanks, Tony Rebitz & Roberta Brannon

I thought you would enjoy seeing one of your pups enjoying life. Julie Bearie selected him for us. We've named him Riley (he was known as Maverick at YAPS).

He is a wonderful pup and enjoys his doggie brother and home. He’s had a hair trim since he left YAPS.

Pat Davi

Our family would like to thank everyone at YAPS for all their help in the adoption of our newest family member, Bailey ...or as we know him, Trooper. He is just the greatest and has fit in with our family wonderfully. Thank you again for all your hard work and kind hearts.


Olivia is happy in her new home. She loves to go to the doggie park in Palm Springs and play with the other dogs. She will also retrieve tennis balls tirelessly. Olivia is a smart and very sweet dog.

Phoebe is doing great! She is the love of our life! Phoebe and her two cat brothers are the three musketeers! They have the most incredible bond and she has brought so much spunk into our home, since the boys are elderly! Actually, Tito (the black cat) has severe diabetes. We didn't think that he was going to make it much past last summer. However, he has had this miraculous turn around over the past few months and our vet thinks it's largely due to Phoebe being around. He feels that her playfulness has given Tito the will to keep going and she is making him get up and move around much more than he was before. She doesn't take "no" for an answer from the boys when she's ready to play!

We were told by many people that bringing a kitten into our home with elderly cats was a bad idea. They said that a kitten would be too stressful on them. I am so glad that we chose to go with our gut instinct (especially after the moment we met Phoebe).
She truly was the best part of 2010 for all of us! Best wishes for a Happy New Year, Lisa

P.S. She loves to play in my shoes! :)

Well, it's been about 8 months since we adopted Mickey Mantle (We just call him Mickey), and I can't imagine not having him in our life. I had no idea what kind of dog Mickey was or anything about his history when we adopted him, so it's been really fun for my husband and I to get to know him. The day I brought him home, I was exhausted and decided to order pizza, when the delivery man came and Mickey smelled the food, he immediately jumped up and proceeded to dance and hop in circles on his hind legs. I almost died laughing. I did some research and found that his breed, American Eskimo, were used in the circus as doggy acrobats. He came to us fully trained. He knows how to sit, stay, lie down, drop-it, etc. I taught him how to roll over on command in one afternoon, and my husband lets him dance across the kitchen to get treats.
We get stopped all the time when walking him. People want to know what kind of dog he is and want to pet him. All the neighborhood kids know him. We take him to my In-law's house to play with their Puggle and Shitzu, and it's hilarious watching him bounce, skip, and race around the other dogs. He loves to run and is lightning-bolt fast. After he wears himself out on our daily walks, or playing with other dogs, he crashes out under the coffee table, his favorite retreat. We like to garden and discovered that he LOVES cherry tomatoes. He will stick his whole head into the tomato plants searching for a treat. This dog is so attached to people. The first few months he was like my shadow, following me from room to room, always by my side. He keeps my husband company in the evenings while I'm at work, and I often come home to see Mickey curled up next to him on the couch. He seems really happy, and I feel like we are blessed to have him in our life. He makes us laugh and feel happy, and I hope we do the same for him. Thank you so much for doing what you do. You have made a real impact on our lives.

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